John E.
I was traveling on vacation from Ohio. My BMW R1200GS stopped running. My bike was towed to your shop. I cant say enough great things about you guys. Staying late, helping me find a hotel, and getting me back on the road. Wonderful experience... for a break down. I wish I lived closer to such a great shop. Thanks guys, you were great.

I bought a Tiger Explorer here a year ago, these folks always look out for me. They have a team mentality, only dealership I'd recommend.

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Thomas S.

Dear Mr. Huff,
I would like to extend my extreme gratitude to you and your great staff for the help given to me under a very stressful situation during my visit to Virginia. I had the misfortune of having the BMW motorcycle that I had been traveling on, breakdown more than once. I was able to get the motorcycle towed to your location and have your service department with considerable help from Tommy Wheeler and the technician, Bob, try to get me back on the road. I had replaced the fuel pump myself the day before, with no success. Yes, I should leave the technical stuff to the experts. I was back on the road and thought things were okay only to have further troubles. Again, I was towed to your location and another attempt was made to repair the high mileage vehicle. Again, back on the road and again another breakdown. This was enough. With the advice from Mr. Wheeler and Bob (sorry, I did not get Bob's last name) I figured it was time to look for new transportation.
During the times that repairs were being done, your staff, with Mr. Waymon Pack's help, I was given a used bike to "demo". Having decided to try to purchase a new motorcycle, Mr. Pack and I had several discussions about what I might purchase. He advised me to think overnight of what my budget would be able to handle. The next day I gave Mr. Pack a figure and we went to work. Being retired and on a fixed income I am limited as to what I could afford. Mr. Pack was diligent about keeping me at the figure I gave him and we were able to work out a deal.
Your Finance Manager Ellen Driscol was a great help in getting the paper side of the deal rolling and made it a smooth transaction. Everyone with whom I made contact in your facility was pleasant and very helpful. Please thank them all for making a stressful situation as easy to handle as could be expected.
I am enjoying the 2009 BMW K1300GT demo, that I purchased and wish I had a dealer here in Colorado that I would enjoy doing business with as much as I did at Frontline Eurosports.

Dave P.
Saturday I did the 7.5K tune up. The bike is flawless, my compliments to your engine builder. The oil was spotless, no metal on the drain plug, it looked great. It is running as smoothly and quietly as my R75/6. In fact, the engine impressed many BMW owners (including the mechanic that did the clutch repair!) at a local rally. It easily kick starts and idles quietly. I rode the bike 500 miles over Labor Day weekend and the Ural hummed along at 55-60 mph for 6 hours straight. I am tickled with the bike now and find myself hopping on to run errands, even making excuses to go run errands.
I wish that the bike hadn't gone through all the mechanical problems that it did. That being said Frontline and IMZ-Ural have stood 100% behind you product. The skill and care taken by your engine tech is clearly evident. Thank you.

Mike M.

Dear Mr. Huff,
I feel I had to write you to tell you what I think of your dealership.
I have bought and sold over 40 motorcycles, loved them all, from BSA to Zandapp. 48 years of riding, done business with many industry retailers, worked in both retail and wholesale motorcycle and automobile fields, and owned my own retail and later wholesale motorcycle business.
Without question, at Frontline Eurosports, you have hired some of the most professional, helpful, and knowledgeable staff I have ever known.
Jason, Andrew, and Ellen - and the few I've missed.
I've gone through four bikes since relocating here and frequent you shop regularly for parts, service, and new and used bikes.
Nate drives a hard bargain but he sold me a 2012 Triumph America this September. My back was in bad shape due to spine surgery so he rode it home for me. Travis, Van, and Jason are always helpful and competitive on parts and accessories - I seldom buy online anymore.
As the riding season is coming to an end, I'll continue to come in this winter and spend at your shop.
I feel fortunate to have Frontline as my motorcycle friends and you'll always have my support.

Carlos E.
These are people you can trust: technical knowledge, committed riders, hones business people. I have bought/trade/done several business transactions with Frontline Eurosports, they are the best. Always good deals, always excellent customer service, always a positive attitude and finding solutions to problems. In addition, their facilities are top notch. Beautiful bikes, especially top of the line Triumph and BMW, but also excellent quality used bikes. Finally their services and parts department are also very good. When I need a part I just call them, it saves time and I always get what I need.

Jeff & Irene
Nate - Just wanted to say that without a doubt the experience dealing with you and the Frontline crew has been the most enjoyable and satisfying time we've ever had in buying over 10 new motorcycles over the past 40 years. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into the sales experience for both the Trophy and the Tiger. We look forward to future dealings and would heartily recommend you and Frontline to anyone looking for a motorcycle.

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