Brake bleeding maintenance on first generation I-ABS on BMW Motorcycles.

First Generation I-ABS systems are easily identified by a certain “whine” noise when the brakes are being applied. This braking system is affected greatly by dirty and old brake fluid, as well as a lack of regular maintenance. Keeping up on the required services are a must. This particular system does not bleed in a conventional manner; they require a specific process requiring special tools and proper training to perform correctly. If a technician, who is not qualified, is working on one of these ABS systems, they can compromise the integrity and longevity of the whole brake system. A proper and complete flush of both wheel and control circuits should be performed every two years, regardless of riding frequency.  In doing a routine flush, not only will you have confidence in your brakes, but you will increase the longevity of your braking system. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your annual brake service. 

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