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Meet the Team


Hugh Huff

Dealer Principal

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Chip Huff

General Manager, Custodial Artist

Our very... -capable? General Manager Chip. Dirt and asphalt test dummy. He is always up for a new adventure ride whatever the road or dirt conditions are... Around the store he is always willing to jump in and help, regardless the task.

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Chris Waddell

Finance and Insurance

Chris has experience with sales, finance and management. Chris brings his experience and will make things happen for the customer. Tenacious with lenders in securing the best deals for buyers, and always in search of new ideas and products that can better serve his customers.

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Ellen Driscoll


Fearless, and a great advisor and customer advocate. Often we refer her as our Mother, Ellen is always upbeat and understanding. Ellen's background in bookkeeping and her understanding of small business operation, Ellen holds us all together.

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New Sales

Pat Metheny

Adventure Extraordinaire

Avid outdoors enthusiast and previous manager of a regional outdoors store. Experienced in many areas of camping, backpacking and, mountaineering on and off road riding including competition riding in hare scrambles and motocross. Our BMW manager and our go to person for adventure riding, motorcycle camping, group rides, and related equipment.

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Craig Wickersham

Triumph Champion

Craig is our Triumph Champion. His experience riding, racing and working for Triumph USA makes him an authority for Triumph motorcycles, old and new. We are fortunate to have Craig; his experience, talents and knowledge of the brand is an asset for us as well as Triumph riders and enthusiasts.

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Parts and Accessories

Mike Byrne

Parts Manager

Always helpful and willing to dig deep for that hard to find part or unravel complicated issues or installations of parts and accessories. A tireless customer advocate, and very tech savvy particularly with seeming difficult installations of audio communication accessories. A great understanding of various parts, gear and accessories.

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Tiffani Leary

Service Manager

Our Service Manager and Social Media contributor and advisor. Tiffani is also a BMW Master Technician, avid sport bike rider, motocrosser and Mother. Added experience as a Parts Manager. Tiffani brings energetic experience and a source of fresh new ideas.

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Tommy Wheeler

Warranty Administrator

Warranty Administrator. Tommy having years of experience in many areas serves as a go to source for his experience, and is an great customer advocate.

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Andy Postel

Service Technician Triumph & Ducati

Service Technician Triumph and Ducati as well as past experiences as a technician for most asian models. Andy is also an accomplished musician on several instruments.

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Bob Burcher

BMW Master Technician

Bob grew up on two wheels. Whether it be a bicycle or a BMW motorcycle, Bob bleeds BMW. From antique air head models to modern complicated ride by wire models Bob has never found a problem he cannot solve. Master Technician for many rears, Bob is THE go to person for BMW service issues and has a world knowledge. An avid runner, bicyclist motorcycle rider.

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